Mom (3)Neyda Borges

Daniela (1)Daniela Morales
Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Manager

Edysmar (1)Edysmar Diaz-Cruz
Managing Editor

Juanita (1)Juanita Cardona
Staff Writer

Carolina (1) (1)Carolina Espinal
Business Manager


Jennifer (1)Jennifer Perez
Copy Editor, Online Manager

Katilyn (1)Kaitlyn Pujols
Staff Writer, Photo Editor

Christine (1)Christine Romero
Staff Writer

Laura (1)Laura Romero
Staff Writer

Cesar (1)Cesar Zafra
Staff Writer

Dru (2)Dru Barcelo
Staff Writer

Daylin (1) (1)Daylin Delgado
Copy Editor

Veronica (1)Veronica Rarick
Copy Editor, Photo Editor

Alexandra (1)Alexandra Reboredo
Staff Writer

Elizabeth G (1)Elizabeth Gonzalez
Staff Writer, Online Manager


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