Justin Bieber’s Mediocre Comeback

By Carla Rubio After Justin Bieber’s rollercoaster of a decade—including his rise to fame, multiple arrests for assault and careless driving, his controversial personal life— it was only fitting that he entered the new year with an announcement of an upcoming album, docu-series, and tour as well as the release of his lead single: the … Continue reading Justin Bieber’s Mediocre Comeback

The Music That Shaped Us

By Michelle Mairena This decade saw many of us transitioning from kids to teenagers. It watched us struggle with friendships, family, school, relationships—and, to a great extent, with ourselves. It saw us go through many changes. Some too big to explain. Others, too small for us to remember. But, it does not matter what our … Continue reading The Music That Shaped Us

‘Euphoria’ Review: Teen Dramas Taken to New Heights

By Kymani Hughes Spoilers Alert Euphoria, HBO’s new teen drama series, catches the audience’s eyes instantly. From rotating walls that replicate a teenage drug addict’s intoxicated state, to the contrast between lightness and darkness, to cool-toned lights accompanied by a dizzying haze— the show’s perfectly executed visuals linger in one’s mind, bringing out every aspect … Continue reading ‘Euphoria’ Review: Teen Dramas Taken to New Heights