Mother’s Day Isn’t Enough

By Rozany Guzman Mother’s Day can be seen as one of the nation’s most widely celebrated holidays. It’s a day full of love, kisses, handmade gifts, and spa days. However, mothers deserve so much more than what money can buy. With all the time they dedicate to their children and families, it would seem nothing … Continue reading Mother’s Day Isn’t Enough


‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Devastation with a Cliffhanger

By Dru Barcelo and Daylin Delgado After months of theories, and growing tensions, Avengers: Infinity War’s premiere delivered what it promised: the greatest crossover, the worst heartbreaks, and a clean—if uncertain—slate for the future of Marvel. The prospect of a crossover as big as Marvel did with this film is daunting to any writer, any … Continue reading ‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Devastation with a Cliffhanger

The Plight Against Starbucks

By Malique Lewis When two black men entered a Starbucks to wait for a friend to conduct a business meeting, the store’s manager said that they couldn't wait in the vicinity because they didn't purchase anything.  The manager then proceeded to dial the police, and the two men were arrested, taken to a police station, … Continue reading The Plight Against Starbucks

#Goals: How YouTube Changed Our Perception of a Happy Life

By Robyn Forbes Over the years, the growing omnipresence of social media has tremendously impacted our idea of what it means to be a happy family, or lead a happy life. When Facebook began in 2004, it gave people the space to share the things that mattered to them with other people to whom those … Continue reading #Goals: How YouTube Changed Our Perception of a Happy Life

Rick Scott Is Not The Senator Anybody Wants

By Devin Dubon Although Rick Scott has only recently announced his official run for Senate, speculation has been prevalent for years. In preparation for this, Scott has been trying to distance himself from President Trump and the hard Republican values and platform that he was elected on. Now, not only do the democrats dislike him … Continue reading Rick Scott Is Not The Senator Anybody Wants

Women’s History Month: An Absurdity

By Ericka Miller History has always been an all-boys club that denies any sort of female achievement to become recognized. And so, from the beginning of time, historians overlook women and erase the female point of view from the history books. Stories of great women throughout time are airbrushed out by men trying to paint … Continue reading Women’s History Month: An Absurdity

Love, Simon: Behind the Eyes of a Gay Teen

By Luis Mila My name’s Luis. I’m just like you, except I’ve never been comfortable with my feelings. I have whatever your typical teen would have: a dysfunctional family, love and attention from my friends, stuff like that. It really does feel like I’m stuck on top of a ferris wheel—one minute I’m at the … Continue reading Love, Simon: Behind the Eyes of a Gay Teen

Government Shutdown Chaos

By Dru Barcelo A failure of both parties’ ability to compromise: that is why the US government suffered multiple “temporary” shutdowns in the beginning of the 2018. With neither party able to obtain what they desire—a clean and concise budget plan, a deal on DACA, border wall funding, or whatever it may be—the only thing … Continue reading Government Shutdown Chaos

Puerto Rico: Is Statehood Right for Them?

By Rozany Guzman After Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico floundering, and the U.S. lent billions of dollars to help Puerto Ricans recuperate from the damage, an age old question arose: Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood? Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory for over 100 years, and was granted a self-government with their own … Continue reading Puerto Rico: Is Statehood Right for Them?

An Awkward Oscars Season

By Devin Dubon With the Academy Awards, which were held on March 4, came its expected share of controversy. This year's Oscars hit record low ratings, with only 26.5 million people tuning in—a dramatic 20% drop from the previous record low. This was despite the many attempts made by the Academy to increase an already … Continue reading An Awkward Oscars Season