Class of 2018, Over and Out

By Yasmine Mezawi Another school year has come to an end and with that another class graduates. Class of 2018, being MLEC’s 16th graduating class, have now been set to venture out into the real world. On June 6th, a set of new alumni were released into the “wild” world to start their own lives. … Continue reading Class of 2018, Over and Out


What to do During a Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

By Yasmine Mezawi Memorial Day is a federal holiday to commemorate those who served in active military services. Families of lost ones, and citizens nationally honor hundreds of soldiers who sacrificed their lives, to protect those at home. Some may use this day to visit graves of their loved ones, or celebrate those alive, or … Continue reading What to do During a Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

Mother Knows Best

By Nathalie Del Valle “I realized that when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” -Mitch Albom. Mothers go above and beyond for their children and the definition of a mother varies as blood isn’t the only thing that creates a connection between parent and child. … Continue reading Mother Knows Best

Mother’s Day Isn’t Enough

By Rozany Guzman Mother’s Day can be seen as one of the nation’s most widely celebrated holidays. It’s a day full of love, kisses, handmade gifts, and spa days. However, mothers deserve so much more than what money can buy. With all the time they dedicate to their children and families, it would seem nothing … Continue reading Mother’s Day Isn’t Enough

The Significance of Mother’s Day

By Michelle Mitchell Around the first week of May, colorful flowers, and handmade baskets are sold on every corner, beautiful cards fill aisles at drug stores and supermarkets, and chocolates go on sale. All of this in light of the one day that every mother is guaranteed to be appreciated — Mother’s Day. The second … Continue reading The Significance of Mother’s Day

By Design Is In the Building

By Robyn Forbes For all of the Miami Lakes Educational Center Jaguars who purchased a yearbook, the wait is finally over. The highly anticipated books arrived at the school on Thursday and brought with them a tangible sense of excitement to all those aware that they were officially available for distribution. Staffers of the Alpha … Continue reading By Design Is In the Building

Mayor Manny Cid Visits MLEC

By Ericka Miller Last Thursday, Mayor of Miami Lakes Manny Cid paid a special visit to Miami Lakes Educational Center’s Honors Government class where he sat down with the class to talk about politics and government. In an instant, the students became fully engaged in the discussion as Cid spoke of his time working in … Continue reading Mayor Manny Cid Visits MLEC

Showing Up to Prom to Show Off for Men

By Dru Barcelo As the lights of the prom scene dim, and conversation commences amongst seniors and their partners, the eyes of everyone wander, and identify that most well-dressed individuals in the dance hall. These seniors are showing up to show off, to look the best on the best night of their accumulated four years … Continue reading Showing Up to Prom to Show Off for Men

Avengers: Infinity War: The Heartbreaks and Victories to Come

By Daylin Delgado If there’s one thing Marvel does well as a movie production company, it’s sending their fans into a frenzy. With Avengers: Infinity War being one of the biggest cinematic crossovers, and its release on April 27, rumors and theories are plaguing the minds of everyone from the most dedicated fans to the … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War: The Heartbreaks and Victories to Come

How to Plan a Promposal

By Malique Lewis As countless movies, and TV shows remind society over the years, prom is a once in a lifetime event. It is the last senior year activity before graduation. It’s not just a celebration of senior year, but an opportunity to party with the only people that truly understand what high school was … Continue reading How to Plan a Promposal