Social Media Won’t Save the World

By Gabriella Licona Not long after everyone welcomed the new year—the long-awaited 2020–with roaring excitement and positivity, viral images of wildfires in Australia began circling the web. It seemed, for a moment, that Australia was hell on Earth. Through these viral posts and videos, everyone started witnessing the flames that were—and still are—consuming most of … Continue reading Social Media Won’t Save the World

Australia is Burning: Hell on Earth

By Kelly Sanchez Australia has been enduring a hellish fire season since August 2019. Over 14.6 million acres have been affected by these fires—which is over two times more than what Brazil suffered with the 2019 Amazon Rainforest Fires. At least 25 people have been killed as a result, and almost 2,000 homes have been … Continue reading Australia is Burning: Hell on Earth

Justin Bieber’s Mediocre Comeback

By Carla Rubio After Justin Bieber’s rollercoaster of a decade—including his rise to fame, multiple arrests for assault and careless driving, his controversial personal life— it was only fitting that he entered the new year with an announcement of an upcoming album, docu-series, and tour as well as the release of his lead single: the … Continue reading Justin Bieber’s Mediocre Comeback

New Year’s Traditions Around The World

By Vanessa Falcon & Michelle Mairena The moment the entire world has been holding its breath for is on the horizon—“The Roaring 20’s” are just hours away. People around the world, of course, will celebrate this New Year at different times because of geographical differences. But besides the fact that some celebrate each New Year … Continue reading New Year’s Traditions Around The World

Noche Buena: A Hispanic Christmas Eve Tradition

By Jaylyn Gonzalez A night filled with dancing to the rhythm of salsa, eating lechon asado that was cooked in La Caja China atop burning coals, drinking coquito, and anxious little cousins that sit by the presents from the moment they arrive—this is Noche Buena. Translated to “good night,” Noche Buena refers to Christmas Eve, … Continue reading Noche Buena: A Hispanic Christmas Eve Tradition

MLEC’s SHAPE Helps The Community

By Angely Peña-Agramonte Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) encourages its students to be charitable, especially around the holidays—a time when Jaguars give anything (be it their time through volunteering or donations) to help those who need it.  This year, it was no different.  Recently, MLEC's “SHAPE” encouraged students at MLEC to donate clothes, food cans, … Continue reading MLEC’s SHAPE Helps The Community