By Jaylyn Gonzalez

Starting the year off the wrong foot can create a whirlpool mess when it comes to keeping your life organized.

2020 will bring in new adventures and everlasting memories, but this also means that it will add a great deal of stress and a need to keep everyday tasks up to date.

For students in particular, when you have deadlines looming and projects piling up, it seems like chaos is right at your heels—and with the winter break right about to end, it’s time to start thinking about our school life.

Once school starts, papers start cluttering your desk, folders are thrown across the room, you can’t even find a study sheet you thought had organized, you have pens behind your ear and in your hair.

Trying to stay on top of it all seems near impossible as more hectic your workspace and the more messy your to-do list is. Ultimately, the mess will result in one thing: more stress.

But in your luck, the following three simple habits will help you stay organized and productive if you decide to implement them into your 2020 daily routine.

Make a to-do list for the day

Everyday brings in a new day, new goals, and new to-dos. So, to keep all of these tasks in track by using a sticky note, or a notes app on your phone as an alternative, will help you stay in order throughout your busy day and prevent any mishaps of forgetting any assignments.

Don’t multitask

Staying as far away from doing more than one task at once is a key tip in staying organized. It can be tempting to multitask as it’s common for one to want to finish all of what is pending at once. But, not doing so can prevent burn out that will then lead to procrastination once that energy is gone.

Keep a planner

This might seem as the most common way of getting organized but it truly helps when trying to stay intact for the new year. What makes the difference in staying consistent when using a planner is using it in a sufficient manner.

At the end of the day, everyone is different and everyone has a different system when trying to stay mentally organized. But, finding your way in 2020 will definitely help you stay productive.

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