High School Supply Checklist

By Ericka Miller

High school is right around the corner whether one likes it or not. Therefore, it is time to start hustling through the aisles of the local supermarket in order to snag the best deals for back-to-school finds, and this weekend, from August 4 through 6, you can get everything needed, tax-free.

Within all this excitement, it’s easy to forget one or two things. It’s even easier to overlook something you think isn’t an essential. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s imperative to make a checklist.

At the top of the list is a brand new book-bag. It should be durable and fairly large in order to hold textbooks, binders, and so much more. Even though it’s just a heavy bag full of work symbolizing the hardships of high school, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable at the same time. Choose a book bag that has a bold color or nice print; make sure it’s something you’d wanna look at, since you’ll be carrying it all school year long.

Now that the book-bag is bought, fill it with the essentials. Many teachers pass out papers listing their classroom requirements for the school year, but sometimes they may leave something off which may be helpful for you to carry along with you.

One of those things may include keeping up with proper hygiene around school. One should carry around napkins, hand sanitizer, and moist towelettes. Use these before lunch and after using the bathroom in order to keep germs to a minimum.

Another thing not on the list that’s great to pack is a charger for your electronics. Although, teachers don’t approve of the use of cellphones and other electronics in their classroom it’s important to have them and to keep them charged in cases where we do need them. The same can be said for snacks: teachers hate to see crumbs and spills on their classroom floor, but for those times where you get peckish and need something to eat, pull out a snack from your book bag to hold you over until lunch.

Something more practical to carry with you is a stapler, what with all the papers teachers assign this really come in handy. And what will become of a student who doesn’t have enough pens, pencils, and paper. Pack an abundant amount of these things as they will be utilized until death do you part, or at least high school graduation. Some teachers are picky when it comes to the brand and color of the pen you’re using, others don’t even allow such utensils in their classrooms so be prepared for either.

A daily planner can be a high schoolers best friend that will lead them to academic success. In the planner, schedule out when to complete assignments, study notes, and make appointments for various things. This will keep everything organized.

Another supply that will help you to remain organized is binder dividers. With the dividers, students are able to categorize their class workload between assignments, vocabulary, notes, and homework. Keeping these things neat helps students to excel in their classes.

Students are only as good as the essentials they are supplied with. Keeping this in mind, pack everything needed in order to achieve success this school year.


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