Trends of Summer 2k17

By Ericka Miller

Summer is a time to reinvent your style, to step outside of your comfort zone, and to have fun with something new; it’s a time to have fun with all things trendy from head to toe now that we’ve been relieved from our bland school uniforms.

If you’re looking to stay in touch with the styles that are dominating the runway this summer start with beachwear. This season is all about the crochet bikini. The boho inspired look is worn best in bright colors; accessorized with beads or simple bedazzling these bikinis are best worn with simple piece to complete an effortless poolside look.d6f3119aae8333de984d6edd2e46ca7b

Huge pops of color is what summer is all about, and this summer is all about rocking the cheery, almost too bright of a color,  yellow. It’s a color that is sure to turn heads as it makes a statement no matter the ensemble. The trend of all things yellow is sure to make a lovely addition to your Instagram photo gallery.

For a more casual look go for the trendy white and blue “banker strips”. These stripes are best worn as an off-the-shoulder-blouse paired with either white jeans or matching shorts. To make this look even more trendy tie in some yellow shoes and accessories to complete the look.

One of the most popular trends this season is hands down the look of the bare shoulder. Whether it’s one or both, shoulders are receiving the love from every designer’s line this summer.

The “flashdance shoulder” is where one has a single shoulder exposed by pulling down the sleeve, leaving the collar of the other shoulder pulled high up to the neck.

Another version of this look is the single shoulder cut out which can make for a fun, and simple DIY project to transform your favorite top. Now is the perfect time to perfect this trend now that school administrators can’t stop you from trying to be a tad more fashionable, and instead follow dress code.

Other than the shoulder, another beloved body part of designers across the globe is the waist. In order to show off your new summer-bod and accentuate your waist all the while remaining trendy, accessorize your outfit with a waist cincher.

These come in a variety of colors and textures like blue denim, and can take your outfit to a whole other level.  Or perhaps you can follow up to another trend pertaining to your waist by folding over the unzipped and unbuttoned waistline of  your finely textured pants or skirt.

Zooming in on shoes and accessories, summer is heating up with looks that are unusual yet extremely original like heeled lace up boots, supersized bags, and raver glasses.

Try out some of these fun trends this summer, and you might be surprised as a few of these styles just may stick it out inside of your closet for the rest of the year.   

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