How To Make Your Father Feel Special This Father’s Day

By Daylin Delgado

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it may feel as if the common gifts–cologne, Hallmark cards, items of his favorite hobby–aren’t enough for the man that has provided love and support for as long as memory serves. However, there’s no need to worry because there are simple yet effective ways to make any father feel like the king he is.

For those hardworking fathers that enjoy their quiet Sunday mornings, a homecooked meal of their favorite breakfast foods brought directly to them in bed may be one of the best ways to show appreciation. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows him that his work is appreciated and has earned a well-deserved break from routine housework. This is also a great way to encourage cooperation between siblings thus relieving the stress of dealing with sibling rivalry for the day.

While Hallmark cards are an inexpensive way to show love, a homemade card shows dedication and a willingness to put some effort into a gift for someone as special as a father figure. Homemade cards can be made out of regular arts and crafts supplies such as regular copy paper or construction paper, paint, crayons and stickers. The card can be decorated with a sweet message, dad jokes, or a list of the most special memories with pictures.

Everyone has that one movie or TV show that no one else at home likes to watch; fathers are no exception. A subtle but thoughtful way to make fathers, the same ones that awkwardly stand by their children at concerts and carry around shopping bags that tend to weigh more than their children, special is by asking to watch their favorite film or show with them. It’ll repay the tolerance fathers so kindly show and allow for bonding time that may be lost in the taxing routines of household chores and full-time jobs.

At the end of the day, the cliche stands: it’s not the money spent or the extravagance of the gift but the thought that counts. The thought should count every single day: fathers should be appreciated for their love and work throughout the year, not only on appointed holidays. A simple “I love you” or “thank you” can be enough to brighten a father’s day any time of the year and will assure him he isn’t being taken for granted.


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