What I’ve Learned this School Year

By Maria DeArmas

Every year comes with its ups and downs, failures and lessons, and even though we tell each other every year that we are going to change and be more productive, we know that most of the time it doesn’t hold true. Even if we are drowning in school work or personal problems, we stay motivated to earn that diploma at the end of it all.

Every morning–7:20 AM–we hear that bell that marks a new day full of new lessons that will follow us for the rest of our high school years or even our lives. Even though some things we learn in school we will never need, like the unit circle or stoichiometry, the rest may serve as valuable skills for our future generation.

We have the health kids that are graduating with great pharmacy or nursing knowledge, the same way that we have the engineers leaving with new certifications. This year we learned that every day and every class has something new to teach us, a school lesson or maybe even a life lesson.

When it comes to life lessons we all have that teacher that goes on and on about how important everyday is and how our high school life will be over before we know it. This year was full of new experiences and taking more risks.

“I learned that I need to enjoy life more. I was so stressed out last year but this year I learned to relax and take in the moment,” said Kathleen Obrer. By her side were many that admitted that in school the lessons in class were nothing compared to what they learned due to their friendships or relationships.

High school this year has taught us that we can handle everything high school throws at us we can manage to make it until the end. To stay strong, study hard, and still have our fun from time to time. And if we can manage those four years, we can manage the rest.


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