Things to do in Miami this Summer ’17

By Sarah Lemos

As summer is quickly approaching, you may be expecting it to be boring one, especially if you’ll be staying home in Miami. But, who said that it can’t be a summer to remember? There are many fun and worthwhile places and events to go to while still being in Miami, you just have to discover them.


Perez Art Museum Miami

If you are into art, there are two very popular places to go to: the Pérez Art Museum Miami and the Wynwood Walls. Pérez serves as a common spot that people can go and enjoy contemporary and modern art. The art and exhibits are constantly changing; There will always be a piece that will catch your eye. Admission is $12 for seniors, students and youth ages 7-18, and $16 for adults. And if you didn’t know already; everyone gets in free every second Saturday of the month.

img_0905Then there are the famous Wynwood Walls. This place has become a large attraction in Miami and one of the trendiest places to go in the city. Go with family and friends and walk down the streets to observe the art around you. Eat at the local restaurants and take some awesome pictures. The best thing it is : it’s FREE. Also, on every second Saturday of the month, Wynwood hosts an Art Walk where anyone can come enjoy and support the work of local artists and businesses.





Lincoln Road is one of the best places to experience the animated-yet-laid-back Miami lifestyle in an area that is lined with shops and restaurants. Another place to go with family and friends to walk, shop and eat. It’s a place to go chill and soak up the sun while observing the people around you.





For the more adventurous, South Florida has to offer its Florida’s Wildlife at Everglades National Park. Take a day to go and observe the beautiful wild life we have around us. Take a trip to Shark Valley where a visitor complex with info, gifts, exhibits and trails like Bobcat Boardwalk and tram tours start or hop on a bike trail that is a 15 miles round-trip with no shortcuts. So go and be adventurous and see the alligators lay by the sides tanning their scales. Bike rental fee is $9 per hour on a first-come, first-served basis. Unless you bring your own bikes.

To Cool Down



Sometimes it can get boring going to the same beach every time. South Miami Beach is a famous one; but, if you go down a bit more to Key Biscayne, there is some beautiful and relatively more empty beaches to go and relax by the sand or play volleyball with friends and family.


waterfall-venetian-poolWhen the beach gets too boring, go check out the Venetian Pool, a historic and beautiful pool in Coral Gables that was created in 1923 using coral rocks from a nearby quarry. You’ll have a blast jumping off of rocks and swimming through waterfalls and into the cave. Admission is $13 for everyone over the age of 13 and $8 for all children ages 3-12. Those younger than 3 are not allowed.


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