Seven Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

By Luz Mosquera

All good children know Mother’s Day is on Sunday and have flowers ordered, a thoughtful card written, and a wonderful day planned out, with a gift as the cherry on top. If not, now that a handmade drawing might not cut it, here are some DIY gifts you can give to your mom.

Frame Vase- For a mom that’s into decorations, a frame vase would be the perfect gift. Not much is needed for this DIY, just a mason jar, paint, a cute picture, and some glue. First paint the mason jar her favorite color, then glue the picture in the center of the jar or inside. Extra decorations are optional.

Scrapbook- Not all gifts are meant to be used. For a sentimental gift, a scrapbook filled with family pictures will surely bring tears to a mother’s eyes. To add personality to it, make sure every page is filled with cute family photos, colorful decorations, and heartfelt messages.

Poem book– Poetry is a beautiful form of writing, an art form. Like music, it carries a beautiful message and imagery. For a simple gift, make a small booklet filled with self-written poems and drawings. A mother appreciates simple gifts that come from the heart.

Flowers- Spoiling your mom and showering her with flowers may seem the perfect gift, but if you want to make it more personal, planting your own would be the perfect touch. First, you need a plant pot, however, decorating is optional— if no decorations in mind, surf the web and find a cute design that most fits your home style. Pour soil and some seeds into the pot or transfer a plant, like you mom’s favorite flower, into the newly decorated one.

Breakfast- Breakfast in bed is a gift any mom will greatly appreciate. Waking up early in the morning to prepare a delicious breakfast would put a smile on anyone’s face. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, or a simple fruit salad would be a perfect start to the day.

Spa day- “Peace and quiet are all I ask for”-a common phrase used by all moms. A day just for her, filled with soothing music and massages will do the trick for a mom who could use a relaxing day.

Recreating pictures- Recreating funny family pictures with siblings can bring tears of joy to a mother’s eyes. You need a funny picture of you and your siblings from when you were younger, then recreate the photo using the same style of clothing, hairstyle, setting, and pose as the picture and you’ll have a cute portrait for your mom.


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