Prom Night: Big Night, Big Costs

By Sarah Lemos

Prom is the night that represents the beginning of the end of senior’s time in high school— the night that most seniors will remember forever. However, preparations to make this night the best can get expensive with costs adding up to over $1,000. Here are some ways to save money on prom.

Girls: instead of buying a $300-$900 dress, rent one or go to a vintage shop. More people are looking to online shops to get a great deal on a one of a kind dress. Just keep in mind that it takes time to find the ideal dress and it may take more time to get it altered if necessary.

Guys: renting a tuxedo can be just as expensive as buying one so purchase the tux and save it for future special occasions.

As for shoes and accessories, these items can be borrowed. Go ahead and raid the closets of friends and family, it’s an easy way to find some nice pieces and it can be a bonding experience as they help you decide what to use.

For guys it can be a little more difficult to find shoes and jewelry but stores like Burlington or Marshalls have a variety of items on discount. Again, you can reuse the things you buy as shoes and jewelry are an everyday thing.

Before the big night, practice your hair and makeup so you can save money on getting it professionally done. Take full advantage of technology and resources: get a self-tanner, look online for makeup and hair tutorials. This also applies to guys who are trying something new.

A limo and corsage are small details that can add on a lot of cost so DIY the corsage by looking up a tutorial, buying flowers and ribbons, and following the steps. Split the cost of the limo by finding other couples to share a ride with. If not, carpool or let a family member help out.

Prom night doesn’t have to be expensive, all you have to do is find ways to save money.


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