Grad Bash: What to Bring and how to Survive the Night

By Laura Romero

The end of another school year has arrived. As testing season begins, underclassmen start counting down to summer vacation while seniors look forward to graduation. From Senior Social to Senior Brunch, MLEC’s seniors have enjoyed a last fun-filled school year.

Although June 7 is rapidly approaching, there are many events the seniors have yet to experience. This Friday, the Class of 2017 will go to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios for Grad Bash.

Aside from being a seniors only event, Grad Bash is different from other field trips because those who attend have the park to themselves for the night: “Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure close down both parks early for the public and opens it up exclusively for seniors,” said Class of 2017 President, Juanita Cardona.

The senior class will also be attending the Universal Studio’s GRAD BASH MIX-IN where they will have access to both parks beginning at four p.m., three hours earlier than the normal starting time.

During the eventful night, beside being able to enjoy Orlando’s most thrilling rides at night, seniors will also be able to enjoy street entertainment, a live DJ, and an exclusive concert featuring Fifth Harmony.

Seniors, here are some tips on what to take and how to survive the night:

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Since you will be walking for hours on end, clothes like sweatpants, leggings, or sneakers are recommended.

Take an extra set of clothes

Universal is known for their exciting rides, especially their water attractions. Bring extra clothes so that you don’t spend the night (or your time on the bus) cold and wet.  

Stay close to your friends

Seniors from different schools will also be attending so stay close to your friends and choose a meeting spot in case one of you gets separated.

Bring a ziploc bag or a water resistant case

Since you will be riding several rides where getting wet is inevitable, bring a waterproof phone case or a ziploc bag for your device.

Ride the popular rides first

Since the park will be packed and lines will be long, it is best to ride the most popular rides in the beginning so that you get the chance to ride all of the best attractions even as time flies by.

Enjoy the night

This is your last school trip with your friends, make it count. Take selfies, dance around, and most importantly, have fun!


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