Grad Bash: What to Bring and how to Survive the Night

By Laura Romero The end of another school year has arrived. As testing season begins, underclassmen start counting down to summer vacation while seniors look forward to graduation. From Senior Social to Senior Brunch, MLEC’s seniors have enjoyed a last fun-filled school year. Although June 7 is rapidly approaching, there are many events the seniors … Continue reading Grad Bash: What to Bring and how to Survive the Night


From One Young Writer to the Next: Don’t Give Up

By Sabine Joseph Dear Young Writer, As a young writer myself, I know exactly what you’re going through: You have millions of ideas bouncing around your brain that never seem to make it out; sometimes one breaks free from your mind and takes root on page, only to be abandoned before it can blossom into … Continue reading From One Young Writer to the Next: Don’t Give Up

Lottery of Dreams

By Nathalie Del Valle A college degree is, more than ever before, the key to a brighter future. “You can’t just have a high school degree anymore,” said Brianna Thompson, a senior in the culinary strand of the Entrepreneurship Academy who will attend Jonson and Wales University this fall. She is right.  The U.S. Department … Continue reading Lottery of Dreams

College Advice That’s Actually Useful

By Daniela Morales Seniors on the verge of their high school graduation receive a lot of advice on what classes to take, what clubs to join, how to handle roommate life, and so on. However, not all of it is useful and can become repetitive. Some of the ways to survive college you already heard … Continue reading College Advice That’s Actually Useful

Climate Change is a Very Real Problem For Florida

By Daylin Delgado Humans have been able to create marvelous structures and develop unimaginable technology. They have become creators while becoming destroyers: these advances present drawbacks. The creation of these increasingly common objects require energy and most of it comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, though efficient and providing the necessary energy for current lifestyles, … Continue reading Climate Change is a Very Real Problem For Florida

What it’s Like to Leave Home

By Kaitlyn Pujols You underestimate the little things; the novelty salt and pepper shakers, the welcome doormats, the smell of home-cooked food washing over you the moment you walk through the door. This will all come to mind, not as moving boxes begin to pile up in the center of your once room, soon to … Continue reading What it’s Like to Leave Home

The Horror That is Standardized Testing

By Ericka Miller Standardized tests— students hate taking them, teachers are forced to proctor them, and a plethora of pre-sharpened number two pencils are sacrificed for them. Still, they're right around the corner so beware and prepare before you're next in line to stare blankly at your test booklet. Aside from the weeks dedicated to … Continue reading The Horror That is Standardized Testing

Superintendent Carvalho Stands for DACA

By Valeria Bula “Our people didn’t come to harm this country. They came here so their children could have a better future,” 10-year-old Jasmine Coach told Miami- Dade school board members March 15, while receiving a standing ovation. With post-election turmoil and fear, the topic of immigration is one that has evoked conflict and worry. … Continue reading Superintendent Carvalho Stands for DACA

Meet Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Justice

By Dru Barcelo Former Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals member Neil Gorsuch is President Donald Trump's nominee to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by former Justice Antonin Scalia just over a year ago. At the age of 49, Republican Party affiliate Gorsuch holds strong conservative values, is most renowned for his stance on religious … Continue reading Meet Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Justice

Miller Family Left Displaced After House Fire

By Carolina Espinal & Cesar Zafra While on a school field trip for Black History Month, senior Lorrez Miller’s phone rang. In that moment, the only thing on her mind was how excited she was about making the down payment for the prom-dress of her dreams —  that was before the phone call flipped her … Continue reading Miller Family Left Displaced After House Fire