What Is Happening to the Affordable Care Act

By Daylin Delgado

President Donald Trump has been opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes known as Obamacare, since the beginning of the campaign trail.One of his main goals as president has been to repeal and revise it, calling the revision the American Health Care Act.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), the revision would cut federal deficits by $337 billion over the next nine years. The total would amount from $323 billion in on-budget savings and $13 billion in off-budget savings.

Most appealing to many Republicans is the amount of money that would be saved in the reduction of Medicaid expenses, however, there would also be an increased number of uninsured people in the United States.

The CBO and JCT estimated that 14 million people would go uninsured by 2018, and those numbers would rise to 52 million by 2026— a difference of 24 million compared to the estimated number of uninsured people under the ACA.

A majority of these people would go uninsured due to the changes in Medicaid enrollment: some states would discontinue the expansion of eligibility, other states decided against expansion in the first place, and pre-enrollee spending would be capped.

Another problem arises from the increased premiums. The cost of healthcare will steadily climb with the revision, and that’s not including the additional out-of-pocket costs and co-pays.

However, on March 24, the legislation to repeal the ACA was voted against and pulled after a battle of votes in Congress.

“We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,” said Paul Ryan, the House speaker.

“Obamacare unfortunately will explode. Democrats will come to us and say, ‘Look, let’s get together and get a great health care bill or plan that’s really great for the people of our country,’” said President Trump after the bill was pulled.

Though the setback is good news for those protected by the current bill, it will take a toll on the proposed tax reform. Under the American Health Care Act, people making a yearly salary of more than $200,000 would’ve received a measurable tax break.

It also sheds light on the problem many are concerned about: whether the new administration will be able to work together as a proper body of government. The failure to repeal Obamacare shows the underlying divide within the Republicans in House; some House Republicans are voicing their concerns after the defeat of the bill.

“We have to do some soul-searching internally to determine whether or not we are even capable of functioning as a governing body,” said Republican Representative of North Dakota, Kevin Cramer.


2 thoughts on “What Is Happening to the Affordable Care Act

  1. Please get message to President Trump and not Rep Rayan. The ACA has been good for so many hard working people and families, who without this Federaly funded health insurance program, would not be able to afford any kind of health insurance. Many of these people are third and fourth generation Americans, who are trying to pay their mortage and provide for their family. Why should our USA Government, not provide financial assistance to these hard working American citizens, when our government provides so many hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries who despise America? I would like to have this question answered because it makes absolutely no sense to me that Ameruca would not want to take care of their own people.
    As for so called Freedom Caucus. I believe these are a group of very greedy, narsistic, self-righteous, ultra ego driven, silver spooners who despise the poor and low income hard working American people. All these super greedy, narsistic, self-righteous, ultra ego driven people who think about themselves and other people just like them, ultimately have no fear of God because they have absolutely no regard for the poor and lower income hard working people in this Country. They sshould read the Bible sometime and see what God says about the poor. If these Freedom Caucus members get their way with this new revised Health Care Bill, may the wrath of God be upon them all for rejecting the poor people of this great Country. Many of the ancestors of these poor hard working people are the reason why America is the Great Country it is, because they have fought in WW1 and WW2 to protect the people of this Great Counry. These poor and low income people should be guven the dignity they so rightfully deserve. Take care of them, they are all children of God and they are all American Citizear who deserve to have federally funded Health Insurance.

    PS: If you really want to save tax payers money, stop the people who are coming into USA and abusing the Welfare System. Many of these people in bordering states are collecting Welfare benefits in two, three and four states under different names and addresses. Many of these people use six or seven different names and fake identification to con the Welfare System. Here is one example of Welfare Fraud, they go into a store to buy groceries, they checkout with three big carts full of food, using between three and six different Welfare food cards, the amount put on the food cards is between $400.00 and i$600.00 dollars, they leave the grocery store with seven or eight large empty boxes, they wheel the three or four carts onto the parking lot of the store, outside the store in the parking lot are one or two big fairly new SUV’s, they transfer all the food and groceries from the carts into the SUV’s where they assort the food and groceries into the big boxes lining the entire back of the SUV’s, from this point they drive to various small Latino owned grocery stores dropping off the boxes of food and other grocery items. It most states the Welfare Department is aware of this but does nothibg to stop it. Why?

    PS: Anothet way to save taxpayers money is to cut of all Federal funding to Sanction Cities. These should not even exist. They actually promote crime for these people because they know nothing will happen to them if they live or go to a Sanction City. They cities are against everything that America stands for. Please stop funding these save havens for Non American criminals. These people need to go into the most harshist prisons in America. America needs to protect American Citizens.

    PS: iI am an American born half Hispanic American citizen who wants changes in our government.


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