Saying Good-Bye to “Friends”

By Elizabeth Gonzalez

Spring is in the air, making it the perfect time to make a change. Whether it’s a tangible change like cleaning up your room and experimenting with new trends or a spiritual change like pushing yourself to reach difficult goals and rekindling forgotten bonds, change this time of year is always welcomed.

Take advantage of the moment the season has provided and let go of those negative influencers or pestering criticis plaguing your life. If someone makes you feel oppressed, unwelcomed, or obligated to change yourself, say good-bye. Don’t spend the rest of the year with “friends” that cause more harm than good.

It’s well known that removing these “friends” from your life is not easy, no matter how rude or insulting they may be, especially if they’ve been apart of it for a long time. Know that, although it’s not an easy task to accomplish, it is necessary.

Start by sitting down with your “friend” and talking to them. It takes a lot of courage to sit down with them, but you need to explain to them. Be as clear as possible and state what exactly made you upset. This is the time to lay all the cards flat on the table and explain what went wrong.

You may fear being left with no friends, however, remember that you will find someone new to befriend. Everyone experiences losing friends in their life, especially in high school, as everyone is constantly evolving.

Make sure to look for new people to welcome into your life. Search for positive influencers that make you feel comfortable enough to be who you are. By connecting with others and making new friends, you remove the possibility of welcoming your old “friends” back into your life.

So follow the season’s trend and change. Change for the better and make new friends while you leave behind those that have held you back. It’s never too late to make improvements in your life, and Spring is the best time to start.

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