By Alexandra Reboredo

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho promised safety to all students in the district, reassuring students who felt scared of immigration enforcement.

“On behalf of every single kid in this community, over my dead body will any federal entity enter our schools to take immigration actions against our kids,” he said to CBS Local News.

During his visit on March 17 to Miami Lakes Educational Center, he said: “Number one, I have your back. I, too, am an immigrant.”

Carvalho stands with the thousands of immigrants—documented and undocumented—throughout Miami-Dade.

“At one point in this community, I was not a documented immigrant. So, I know the journey. I know the peril. I know the threat. I know the challenge. I know the fear.”

After President Trump threatened to remove funding from “sanctuary” cities, Miami-Dade County took quick action, becoming the first county to derail their sanctuary status despite the pleas of its residents.

Given that the county is home to thousands of undocumented students, DREAMers, and DACA students, the Miami-Dade County School Board was unhappy with Miami-Dade Commission’s status.

“We will not allow any one federal or local or state entity to come into our schools and enforce immigration law. These are safe havens that protect, teach, encourage, nurture kids–nothing else.”

As a result, Superintendent Carvalho, along with several school board members, have issued a resolution stating they will refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement throughout MDCPS.

“We will continue to fight at the federal level to fully protect your rights. If you are a student who is under DACA protection, if you are a DREAMer, we will stand with you. We’ll continue to work with Congress.”

So far, Superintendent Carvalho has spoken with Congressman Curbelo, who used to be a school board member, to provide a national safe haven for the DREAMers— those protected by the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, which provides a deferred action incentive to individuals who are here illegally.

For those who want to take action, Carvalho says, “The best places to get information are the schools. Speak with a counselor. Speak with a teacher. Speak with your principal. And we’ll be able to refer people in a safe way without compromising them.”


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