What Is Happening to the Affordable Care Act

By Daylin Delgado President Donald Trump has been opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes known as Obamacare, since the beginning of the campaign trail.One of his main goals as president has been to repeal and revise it, calling the revision the American Health Care Act. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and … Continue reading What Is Happening to the Affordable Care Act


Ultra Music Festival 2017: Three Days of EDM, Rain, and PLUR

Throughout the course of the long-awaited Ultra Music Festival, members of the EDM community exchanged colorful Kandis with one another, sharing their core values to those who were new to the scene. Their mantra of "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect," also known as PLUR, seemed to be the recurring theme throughout the three-day festival set in Bayfront Park, … Continue reading Ultra Music Festival 2017: Three Days of EDM, Rain, and PLUR

2017 Spring Trends

By Maria De Armas Click here for a natural spring look March 21st is the official start of spring, but in the fashion world, things move a little faster. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, top designers come to show their newest collections. From Gucci and Vera Wang to Marc Jacobs, this year’s spring … Continue reading 2017 Spring Trends

Identity of Wednesday’s London Assailant Revealed

By Edysmar Diaz-Cruz On Wednesday afternoon, Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British citizen, killed at least five people and injured 40 others as he sought to wreak havoc in the heart of London. Using a rental vehicle, he sped across Westminster Bridge, intentionally plowing down pedestrians. Among them was a woman who fell into the Thames … Continue reading Identity of Wednesday’s London Assailant Revealed

Beauty and the Beast: Tale as Old as Time With a Twist

By Daylin Delgado Disney’s tale of love, a tale as old as time, finally received the live-action adaption that fans have long awaited. Though the tale is old, fans of Beauty and the Beast in a variety of ages filled theaters across the globe. The 2-hour and 19-minute movie kept audiences enraptured in the pure … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast: Tale as Old as Time With a Twist

Shakespeare Comes To MLEC

By Robyn Forbes On Friday, March 17, laughter filled MLEC’s auditorium as actors from GableStage performed their interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. From the audience, actors could be seen, and heard, vividly portraying the characters with striking accuracy. There was great energy on stage as the actors exaggerated each emotion and incorporated both … Continue reading Shakespeare Comes To MLEC

Saying Good-Bye to “Friends”

By Elizabeth Gonzalez Spring is in the air, making it the perfect time to make a change. Whether it’s a tangible change like cleaning up your room and experimenting with new trends or a spiritual change like pushing yourself to reach difficult goals and rekindling forgotten bonds, change this time of year is always welcomed. … Continue reading Saying Good-Bye to “Friends”

Student Social Media Journalism Forum

By Juanita Cardona The world is increasingly connected, and social media is at the forefront of that growth, participating as a medium for communication and the chance to reach a global audience with just the touch of a few buttons. Readers and viewers are now on the other end of a touch screen. They are … Continue reading Student Social Media Journalism Forum

Different Types of Spring Cleaning

By Sarah Lemos There are different ways to go about spring cleaning— for some, the beginning of spring means going through the closest and clearing away outdated clothes while others decide it’s a good time for a spiritual cleansing. However, the most common thing people do is clean every corner, crack, and crevice in their … Continue reading Different Types of Spring Cleaning

MDCPS Superintendent Carvalho Promises to Stand with Undocumented Students

By Alexandra Reboredo Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho promised safety to all students in the district, reassuring students who felt scared of immigration enforcement. “On behalf of every single kid in this community, over my dead body will any federal entity enter our schools to take immigration actions against our kids,” he said … Continue reading MDCPS Superintendent Carvalho Promises to Stand with Undocumented Students