Recap of the 2017 Senior Spirit Week

By Ericka Miller

This week was the 2017 senior’s first and last Senior Spirit Week , and they didn’t hold back. Each day they showed off their class spirit with outrageous costumes with various detail.

Their four day week started off with Senior Citizen Day when the seniors dressed up in cardigans, old slippers paired with knee-high white socks, and topped off their outfits with walking canes. Many seniors were seen making old-timely jokes and fixing their fake teeth and gray wigs. Some even took the extra step of doing their makeup in order to really get into character.

Continuing with day two— Tacky Tourists Day— the seniors wore their best Hawaiian print T-shirts, khaki cardigans, fanny pouches and sunglasses, along with a map, all of which were perfect for exploring the MLEC hallways. Some even asked for directions to their classes and took pictures of random objects just as a tourist at Disneyland would do.

Day three of Senior Spirit Week was College Day where the seniors donned their college gear proudly. This day was a day of realization for many, that next school year they will be attending a new school and starting new classes, many of which without their closest friends by their side. Nevertheless, they had fun and were excited to celebrate their achievements of being accepted into the schools of their dreams.

Topping off Senior Spirit Week was Senior Brunch at the Rusty Pelican; this year’s brunch had a beach-side sailor theme as the venue had a great view of the ocean. The seniors dressed to the nines in their flowing dresses and tailored suits. They ate gourmet dishes, presented awards, and danced until their feet grew sore. After partying, the seniors took photographs with one another so that they may look back and remember the moment together.

This was definitely a Senior Spirit Week the 2017 seniors will never forget.


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