Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

By Alexandra Reboredo 

Around 1 p.m. on Friday, gunshots erupted at Fort Lauderdale airport, leaving over a dozen people injured or killed. According to authorities, the shooter was working alone. He is now under federal custody.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Twitter, as of now, five people have been reported dead, and eight people were transported to an area hospital.

The shooting took place at the baggage claim area of Terminal 2 where the shooter shot quick bursts “randomly shooting,” with a 9 mm and approximately three magazines.

“Once he finished shooting he walked out through door 2, threw his gun on the ground, and laid on the ground spread-eagle until an officer came… about a minute later,” said eyewitness Mark Lea to MSNBC.

Senator Bill Nelson appeared on MSNBC from the Capitol in DC, confirming that the shooter was Esteban Santiago, 26: “He was carrying a military I.D. What that indicates, it could be somebody else’s, it could be not a current one. So that we don’t know.”

All roads to the airport have been blocked off and shut down by law enforcement; the scene is filled with dozens of police officers. The Federal Aviation Agency has declared Ground Stop at Fort Lauderdale airport, meaning that no flights can depart or arrive.

All passengers on planes are being escorted off of airport property, single-file, with their hands drawn up, according to WLPG.

Officials told others to evacuate their terminals and relocate to the parking garage.

Although a second shooting has not been confirmed, a witness told WSVN that shots started again. This time, coming from one of the upper levels in the parking garage.

“There were shots fired in the garage, and they’re locking us down again. They said they think someone is in the garage,” said witness John Schlicher to WSVN.

Around 2:23 p.m., there were reports of a second shooting in the parking garage. According to local news reporter Michael Spears, SWAT officers have arrived at the scene with their guns drawn at perimeter road parking garage.

The Federal Aviation Agency has released a statement as of 2:15 p.m. stating that all airborne flights within 50 miles will land at FLL. However, other airborne flights will be delayed or redirected to other airports.

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