Humans of MLEC has Returned

By Elizabeth Gonzalez

Last year, the project “Humans of MLEC,” inspired by Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York,” was created by high school students in the journalism strand. For this project, they dedicate time each week to interview the students and staff members attending Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC).

Each photo taken represents the personality of the person interviewed, capturing their nature in one shot. The story accompanied by the photo, usually not even a paragraph long, allows viewers to better understand the person within the photo.

These interviews, along with a photo, are shared on social media using #HOMLEC.

Many now view Humans of MLEC (HOMLEC) as an opportunity to learn about those who they spend over eight hours every day with. A few weeks ago the project was picked up to continue discovering the stories of those who attend MLEC.

Follow @HarbingerMLEC or #HOMLEC to keep up with the project.

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