2016 Fall Beauty and Fashion Trends

By Christine Romero 

This year has come to be known as the throwback year for everything in fashion. The 90’s have made a reappearance in 2016 with trends such as dark color schemes, furs, plaid, and turtlenecks. Here are the year’s beauty and fashion trends to incorporate into this season’s attire:

Famous faces— Janet Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston— have made fur the statement of classic fashion in the past. Now designers like Michael Kors and J.Crew dominate the runways with furs in bold colors and prints— a modern twist on the classic white coats.

Bomber jackets
These edgy jackets came back from the dead in all shades and colors— the more patches, the better. Bombers have changed drastically from the originals in Top Gun to the jackets of the Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour.

Now, designers Kate Spade and Altuzurra have kicked off the runway with their bigger, heavier, and longer than usual bomber jackets paired with midi dresses. Stores like ASOS have also distanced themselves from the normal dark navy or army green and moved toward elaborate prints and colors to make this old jacket 2016 acceptable.

Designers around the world brought back another 90’s fashion trend after seeing the growing demand from consumers for off-the-shoulder apparel. From flowing blouses to silhouette dresses,this look is definitely back.

Every shade of nude to dusty pink has made its way into the fashion norm. This year has changed the game by picking up this unusual trend given that pinks and yellows are typically reserved for spring.

Designers like Ulla Johnson and Delpozo were careful to use these colors in specific pieces—coats and turtlenecks— to make them fall appropriate.

From makeup pallets to autumn business suits, fashion trends are all over the place this season.

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