Hurricane Matthew’s Effect on Florida

By Juanita Cardona

Despite not knowing whether Hurricane Matthew would hit Florida or not, people began to prepare and evacuate in anticipation for the storm. After causing catastrophic disasters in the Caribbean, the Category Four storm moved north, drenching the state and causing the deaths of six Floridians.  

Residents feared the storm, many paying close attention to the news for updates on the location and strength of the Hurricane, but also seeing the damage being done in the Caribbean.

Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on Monday while visiting the City of Hialeah Emergency Center.

“If Hurricane Matthew directly impacts Florida, there could be massive destruction which we haven’t seen since Hurricane Andrew devastated Miami-Dade County in 1992,” said Governor Scott during his briefing earlier this week.

As a result of Matthew, over one million residents lost power, waves crashed over beaches, and there were more than six inches of rain in parts of Florida. Although most areas in South Florida were not affected, other cities such as St. Augustine and Jacksonville were left with debris, downed trees, and flooded streets.

The impact left by Hurricane Matthew in Florida was minor in comparison to the disastrous effects in Haiti and Cuba where more than 300 lives were lost and hundreds of residents were left displaced and in fear.

Beyond the overturned trees and flooded streets the Sunshine State was left in conditions most residents can only be grateful for, however, there is a possibility that the storm may loop back. Still, the main priority for Governor Scott and officials is to restore power to hundreds of homes and clean up the debris left behind.  

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