Humans of MLEC has Returned

By Elizabeth Gonzalez Last year, the project “Humans of MLEC,” inspired by Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York,” was created by high school students in the journalism strand. For this project, they dedicate time each week to interview the students and staff members attending Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC). #HOMLEC — The Harbinger (@HarbingerMLEC)… Read More Humans of MLEC has Returned

Broadcast Meets Print: Stephanie Bertini Visits the Harbinger Newsroom

By Sabine Joseph This Wednesday, Stephanie Bertini, a broadcast journalist currently employed at NBC 6 News, walked into the journalism classroom at Miami Lakes Educational Center prepared with an audiovisual resume and powerpoint, ready to impart her knowledge on the future generation of journalists. Bertini began with a video that compiled her 10 year broadcast… Read More Broadcast Meets Print: Stephanie Bertini Visits the Harbinger Newsroom

Guest Speaker Jessica Weiss Comes to MLEC

By Luz Mosquera  Journalist Jessica Weiss from Univision News shared her experiences with travel and freelance writing with the journalism class of Miami Lakes Educational Center on Wednesday. Weiss’s journalism career began when she questioned what do as a history major and ended up in an internship at Washington D.C. writing for a small newsletter… Read More Guest Speaker Jessica Weiss Comes to MLEC

Rundown on the Second Presidential Debate

By Cesar Zafra The second presidential debate of the 2016 election took place yesterday at Washington University in St. Louis. This debate differed from the first in that it was held as a town-hall style debate, allowing voters to submit questions on issues they wanted the candidates to discuss. Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and Democratic… Read More Rundown on the Second Presidential Debate

Trump’s Remarks and a Party in Turmoil

By Carolina Espinal  The beginning of the 2016 presidential cycle introduced a gamut of Republican candidates that, over time, trickled out with the emergence of Donald J. Trump, a candidate appearing as a centrifugal force dividing the GOP. Questions about whether the Republican Party could replace its pick a month before Election Day have plagued… Read More Trump’s Remarks and a Party in Turmoil

Hurricane Matthew’s Effect on Florida

By Juanita Cardona Despite not knowing whether Hurricane Matthew would hit Florida or not, people began to prepare and evacuate in anticipation for the storm. After causing catastrophic disasters in the Caribbean, the Category Four storm moved north, drenching the state and causing the deaths of six Floridians.   Residents feared the storm, many paying… Read More Hurricane Matthew’s Effect on Florida