South Carolina Elementary Shooting

By Elizabeth Gonzalez Two miles away from a school playground, a man was found dead in his home. Then moments after, two elementary school students and a teacher were injured. A 14-year-old boy had gone rampant with a gun at his disposal. The shooter’s first victim was his father, Jeffrey Dewitt Osborne. His body was … Continue reading South Carolina Elementary Shooting


Grand Reopening of C-Cafe

By Daylin Delgado After a long hiatus, the C-Cafe at Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) opened its doors yesterday for the first time this school year. In previous years, C-Cafe has opened by the third week of schoo. This year, however, students and faculty had to wait until now to feast on the culinary students’ … Continue reading Grand Reopening of C-Cafe

MLEC Kicks Off the 2016 Key Club Year

By Sabine Joseph The Key Club Kickoff Conference (KCKC) is the first event on the Key Club calendar and is anticipated and attended by new and old members alike. This year, Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) hosted the event for the second consecutive year on Saturday, September 17 for Zone K, all of the Key … Continue reading MLEC Kicks Off the 2016 Key Club Year

The Rise and Fall of Pokémon GO

By Luz Mosquera The Pokémon franchise began with childhood anime that quickly became famous before expanding to include trading cards, video games, and movies. Last summer, Pokémon GO was released and quickly blew up with millions downloading the app worldwide. According to Apple, Pokémon GO shattered the App Store record for most downloads in its first … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of Pokémon GO

First Presidential Debate of 2016 Ends Like All The Others

By Daylin Delgado Less than 24 hours ago, presidential candidates Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary Clinton (Democrat) squared off at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. The speculation began when Clinton walked on stage in a Republican red pantsuit and Trump sported a Democratic blue tie. The debate ran for 90 minutes, streamed across several … Continue reading First Presidential Debate of 2016 Ends Like All The Others

C-Cafeteria: No Longer on Hiatus

By Daniela Morales The 2016-17 school year is defined by students as the year that everything changed— new uniforms, a bell system, and the removal of the Digital Audio strand. At first, students were alarmed but with time became accustomed to the new policies. The postponement of C-Cafeteria’s opening, however, is still very much an … Continue reading C-Cafeteria: No Longer on Hiatus

Major Racial Controversies on the Big Screen

By Sabine Joseph Controversies surrounding the old issue of racism have plagued Hollywood for some time now. This racism has occurred both off and on screen starting with the refusal to hire actors because of race and the lack of diversity at the Oscars to, most recently, the cyberbullying of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Despite … Continue reading Major Racial Controversies on the Big Screen

Mater Lakes Academy Students Released from Lockdown

By Jennifer Perez Miami-Dade Police responded to a threat at Mater Lakes Academy Charter School on Wednesday afternoon. Heavily armed police officers entered classrooms at the school with their guns drawn, something students took pictures of and posted on social media. According to Local 10 News, students said that another student, who was suspended … Continue reading Mater Lakes Academy Students Released from Lockdown

Apple September 2016 Event

By Dru Barcelo On September 7, Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, along with the Apple Watch 2, at its launch event in San Francisco. The two gadgets feature new and improved software, some welcomed and others not. Apple boasted the new design on stage, Jony Ive especially stressing that the device … Continue reading Apple September 2016 Event