New Uniform at MLEC

By Maria Vasquez

MLEC’s administration is implementing new school shirts with hopes to unite all the academies at MLEC. The shirts were designed by WunderThought, a company created by current Cambridge and Health Seniors, Sebastian Salas and Erick Rivera. The shirts will be predominantly black with white patches and will have the school’s logo as a patch on the left chest [the school’s logo was designed by Digital Arts students at MLEC.]

“When I first arrived at MLEC, it struck me that there was no single shirt that all students could wear,” said Principal Diaz when asked about how the new uniform idea originated.

“Very often, we participate in activities that transcend academies, yet there was no way for us to identify ourselves as one school. So, I took this observation to the EESAC, and we began the process of reviewing and streamlining the uniform policy. After several months of discussion and presentations to the EESAC, the updated uniform policy includes one black and white “Jaguar” polo that all students can wear, one color polo for each academy, and industry uniforms (e.g., scrubs) where applicable. In addition, Fridays will be designated school spirit days, and students will be allowed to wear any MLEC t-shirt or polo.”

Principal Diaz also addressed the rumor that administration was planning on adding uniform bottoms and taking away jeans. She states that “no changes were made to the uniform “bottoms.””

Some students, however, were not entirely happy with the new outfit changes and they do not think they will bring unity to the school.

“You’re gonna be divided anyways because in the bottom it says that if you’re in health, you have to wear your scrubs and red shirt only. Since you can’t find those style shirts anywhere like you can find a plain white collared shirt, it will be more expensive for parents,” said Bialma Corona a freshman in Child Care.

Some people also believe that the shirts are an inconvenience to parents who have already spent money on shirts for their child for the following year. Students also expressed unhappiness about how entrepreneurship will be green instead of burgundy.

“A few of my friends are coming to this school and they were really excited especially because at this school you are given the freedom to choose between different shirt choices in the strand that you are in as well as wear jeans. We want that freedom to express ourselves.”

Share your opinions on the new school uniform using #UniformAtMLEC


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