BLANK Yearbook Hacks

By Cesar Zafra

BLANK is much more than just a yearbook. This yearbook was designed for you to create whatever you want it to be. It was created to be decorated, loved, preserved, destroyed, and anything else you’re capable of. After all the anticipation, it’s finally here, but now what? Here are some hacks to use with your yearbook:

  • Doodle It


The yearbook serves as your very own median, take advantage of that and feel free to let your artistic guts spill all over the cover. For example, Kaiesha Moore, a current Miami Lakes Educational Center senior, chose to draw “It’s Our Time Now… 2016” on her yearbook accommodated with minimalistic plants. If drawing is your thing, be sure to post your work of art on Instagram with the hashtag #BLANKYearbook.

  • Stick It Up

giphy (1)

Ever seen people place stickers on their laptops? Try it out with BLANK! Find your favorite stickers or whichever happen to be in your kitchen and paste them on the white space of the cover. Remember that stickers are easily replaceable, so if you don’t like the outcome you can simply rip them off and try again.

  • Senior Signing (With Emojis)

giphy (2)

“Real friends, how many of us?” You can find out by having your senior friends sign their personal mugshots. The game, however, is to ask people to write down or draw the one emoji they would describe you with. While a pink heart with sparkles would probably mean that you’re as lovely as love gets, what does a tongue emoji signify? That part is for you to decipher.

  • Fill In The Black

giphy (3)

While you can purchase extra yearbook pages for your beloved friends to sign, BLANK has free black spaces that beg to be written on. Buy a silver, gold, or white sharpie and have people fill in the black pages. If someone is truly special to you, have them sign their signature on the front black stripe.

  • Manipulate Damages

giphy (4)

Plastic covers will keep your yearbook in top shape, but what if the world finds a way to damage the cover anyway? While no one wants a stained cover, you can, in fact, use it to your advantage. Look at the stain as the beginning of your fate-designed canvas and continue the artwork that was never completed. If the cover’s black stripe got scratched, use a black permanent sharpie to make it new, and maybe even make the stripe even darker than it already is.

No matter what choice you make, have fun with this yearbook because after all, it was made for you and BLANK accepts all as they are.

giphy (5)

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