Superintendent’s Round Table 2016

By Juanita Cardona

Each year, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho holds a Student Roundtable. This is his opportunity to meet with students from across the region to speak to them, gauge their interests, share his vision and learn what it’s like to be a high school student in 2016.

This year’s discussion took place at Barbara Goleman Senior High and brought together students from North Miami Beach High to our very own Miami Lakes Educational Center.

“It’s such an honor to have out superintendent take the time to address the question’s that our regional student leaders have. It definitely shows that he’s passionate about engaging our youth,” said Sharon Arana, Miami Lakes Educational Center SGA’s President.


Superintendent Carvalho addressing a question 0n arts asked by MLEC SGA Secretary Ana Demendoza.


Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the nation’s fourth-largest school district with over 350,000 students. And the Superintendent wants to know what is on their minds, so he provides this opportunity for high school students to ask questions concerning their community as well as arising problems in their high schools.

“Your destiny is determined by your desire,” said Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

To engage students, and break the ice, the Superintendent asked students where they see themselves in 40 years getting responses such as a United Nation’s ambassador to the next President of the United States.

“40 years from now I forsee myself running for public office, perhaps the next madam president, something I hope becomes a tradition after this year,” said Daniela Mateu, Hialeah Senior High Student Government President.

Students asked questions on a variety of Issues, ranging from rising violence in our community, the skyrocketing cost of college tuition, investing in after-school programs, and arts in education.

“We need better opportunities created, I’m tired of burying kids,” said Superintendent Carvalho, when asked what he was planning to do about the rise of violence occurring in Miami-Dade County

The ongoing violence has been an important concern not only among community leaders but also among the student body.

IMG_20160317_211014Not only does he believe that two of the things we should all be guaranteed are “health care and a ticket to cheaper education” but also that “knowledge leads to increased stability.”

During the meeting, Mr. Carvalho reminded students that belief, skill and will are the only things we will need in life.

After all “a belief without a skill is nothing but a wish.”

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