The Simplified Guide to Ripples in Time and Space

By Veronica Rarick Two black holes, each about thirty times larger than our sun’s mass, merged together causing ripples that unsettled the fabric of space. The disturbance was detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and was thus named gravitational waves back in February. According to NASA, gravitational waves span a wide range of … Continue reading The Simplified Guide to Ripples in Time and Space


Actions against the Zika Virus

By Veronica Rarick The Zika virus is creeping closer and closer to the United State’s bubble. Dozens of cases have already been reported in Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas. The mosquito species Aedes Aegypti, which is native to the United States, can carry the disease as a host. However, since no one has … Continue reading Actions against the Zika Virus

Superintendent’s Round Table 2016

By Juanita Cardona Each year, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho holds a Student Roundtable. This is his opportunity to meet with students from across the region to speak to them, gauge their interests, share his vision and learn what it's like to be a high school student in 2016. This year's discussion took place at Barbara Goleman … Continue reading Superintendent’s Round Table 2016

MLEC Students Skype with Nicholas Kristof

By Angelie Yglesias Journalism students at Miami Lakes Educational Center recently won a Skype call with Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer-prize winning author and opinion columnist for the New York Times, through his email newsletter contest. Kristof was raised in Yamhill, Oregon; a place that he describes as “in the middle of nowhere.” Through this middle of … Continue reading MLEC Students Skype with Nicholas Kristof

House of Cards, the Antidote to this Election

By Stephanie Brito This story contains House of Cards spoilers. House of Cards Season 4 is exactly what this country needed -- the antidote to the toxicity of the real world 2016 Presidential election. We have chaos in the Republican Party as the establishment rushes to find a candidate who can win the nomination instead … Continue reading House of Cards, the Antidote to this Election

The Miami Heat are Adapting

By Melissa Ricardo This new season the Heat have changed their line-up, opting for a starting line-up that may lack their star player, Chris Bosh. The Miami Herald reported Chris Bosh could possibly miss the remainder of the season after developing blood clots in his lungs last month. The Heat confirmed on Thursday that Bosh … Continue reading The Miami Heat are Adapting

The Life of Pablo, An Insight Into Kanye

By Dru Barcelo Kanye West’s latest project,  The Life of Pablo (TLOP), is a work of art. The long awaited album was released after countless controversial tweets from Kanye, ranging from teasing the title of the album to engaging in heated feuds.   The Life of Pablo is a pleasantly messy album that contrasts from … Continue reading The Life of Pablo, An Insight Into Kanye

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

By Diana Rodriguez This past year fell victim to a number of cliché horror movies and crude attempts at comedies. As 2016 begins, highly anticipated films are already scheduled for release to make up for last year’s movies that were not worth buying tickets and a large popcorn. Around the corner is the new adaptation … Continue reading Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You