Humans of MLEC

Humans of MLEC Rectangle White

Humans of New York (HONY) is a series of photographs taken by Brandon Stanton, who created the project. He roams the streets of New York and interviews the strangers he encounters. He photographs them, depicting their personality, their emotion, and their stories. He speaks to them and in the end, the photo is accompanied with a caption that shares a personal anecdote. The stories range from sharing deeply personal memories to sharing comedic moments. Some are as simple as a description of their day. The photographs, however, say a lot more. Stanton captivates people in a way that makes them seem even more human than they could possibly be. He turns the strangers that walk among us everyday into people who we can relate to. He shows humanity that it’s okay to be human; That it’s something that should be embraced.

“Humans of MLEC” will be our own attempt to get to know the students, faculty, and staff at Miami Lakes Educational Center. Our journalists wanted to do more than interview; they wanted to experience what Brandon Stanton shares when he learns about the lives of the people around him.

Everyone has a story that needs to be shared. This is ours.


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