The World is Gray but the Oscars are White

By Christian Steiner  The only injustice superior to that of Leonardo DiCaprio never receiving an Oscar is the misrepresentation (or lack thereof) of minorities in Hollywood. For the second year in a row the Academy is being accused of whitewashing the Oscars. No nominee (actor, director, writer) is from an ethnicity that isn’t white. Spike… Read More The World is Gray but the Oscars are White

Proposed Alternative to FSA Testing

By Alexandra Reboredo Florida lawmakers have been searching for ways to improve state testing after last year’s incident regarding servers and general dissatisfaction with the tests. Although they won’t eliminate end-of-course testing, they’ve considered an alternative: students choosing between different kinds of standardized tests instead. The Florida Standards Assessment was implemented to replace the FCAT.… Read More Proposed Alternative to FSA Testing