“Master of None” Netflix Show – Review

By Stephanie Brito

“Master of None” is the brainchild of “Parks and Recreation” star, comedian, and author Aziz Ansari. The binge-worthy Netflix Original series, which premiered its first season November 6, is the epitome of millennial living, complete with the nuances of the technological-era.

The show follows Dev, a 30-year-old aspiring actor living in New York City as he deals with his family, friends and romance.

His character, almost a version of Ansari it seems, also deals with the realities of being a first-generation Indian – Ansari’s parents are even starring in the show.

Any first-generation hispanic living in Miami can understand how Dev feels looking back on his parents’ background; in the second episode, “Parents,” Dev and a first-generation Asian-American friend come up with a plan to thank their parents for all the sacrifices they made.

The show is multicultural without being a multicultural show, and that’s what’s to be lauded about it. Dev explores racial tensions while auditioning for different acting roles, a non-cliche way to understand the realities of being a minority.

As for the millennial connection, the show includes iMessages, Instagram, and Uber – all typical facets of millennial living. By recognizing the fact that technology plays a major role in young people’s lives, the show captures the very nuances of picking what to text back, making plans and dealing with creepy people on Instagram.

Ansari, who recently published a book about love called “Modern Romance,” also touches upon themes in his book throughout the show. There are different types of love all around him, lesbians, married couples, hook-ups – all alluding to the trials and tribulations of dating as a young adult.

Ultimately, the point of the 10-episode series is to give the watcher insight into the life of one young adult and by doing so, it shows that the often trivialized problem millennials face are quite real.

If there will be a second series of the show, it’ll be announced early December. The first “Master of None” is available on Netflix.

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