Skin-Like Innovation Can Help Improve the Lives of Amputees

By Veronica Rarick A skin-like sensor, which allows users to feel their surroundings, could change the lives of amputees. The sensor, created by Stanford University engineers, can detect everyday forces like heat and pressure. This new development may change the science of prosthesis. The sensor is made from a stretchy material that can adjust to … Continue reading Skin-Like Innovation Can Help Improve the Lives of Amputees


“Master of None” Netflix Show – Review

“Master of None” is the brainchild of “Parks and Recreation” star, comedian, and author Aziz Ansari. The binge-worthy Netflix Original series, which premiered its first season November 6, is the epitome of millennial living, complete with the nuances of the technological-era.

Terrorists are to Blame for the Attacks on Paris, not Muslims

For the second time this year, Parisians held candlelight vigils for those who fell victim to the terrorist attacks of ISIS. This time they were paying respects to the 129 victims of the November 13 attacks. The rest of the world stood by them, lighting their cities with France’s colors when the City of Lights went dark.

Paris Attacks: The Facts

By Nathalie Mairena At least eight terrorists attacked six different locations in the center of Paris Friday. Out of the eight attackers, seven died in apparent suicide bombings. The attacks began almost simultaneously at 9:20 pm, with attackers detonating explosives and shooting into local restaurants and cafes. They were seen with AK-47 automatic weapons and … Continue reading Paris Attacks: The Facts

SPECTRE: A Ghost of 007

By Angelie Yglesias With the shadow of 2012’s Skyfall looming, Spectre fully embraces the shade, nearly fitting into the formulaic and nearly breaking into greater territory. Daniel Craig returns for a fourth time to the world of murder for hire, immensely beautiful women, and vodka martinis. But there is no joie de vivre in his … Continue reading SPECTRE: A Ghost of 007

Mrs. Erica Evans: Teacher of the Year

By Diana Rodriguez When students who have had Mrs. Erica Evans-DeSimone think back on their experience in her classroom, there are plenty of unpleasant words crossing their minds. In spite of her demanding tests and warm-ups, “MLEC’s Most Intimidating Teacher” is one instructor that everyone is bound to come back to visit- even more so after … Continue reading Mrs. Erica Evans: Teacher of the Year

A Guide on How to Write the Best College Essays

By Daylin Delgado A well-written college essay could be the difference between acceptance into one’s dream college and being washed away with the crowd. Essays should display and support clear ideas with reasonable arguments. Students should be aware of the typical three types of college essay questions: the “you” question, the “why us” question, and … Continue reading A Guide on How to Write the Best College Essays

Mr. Parker’s Final Goodbye

By Daylin Delgado On November 5, 2015, Miami Lakes Educational Center said “goodbye” instead of “good morning” to their legendary Top Jaguar, James Parker. Mr. Parker gave eleven years of dedication to the students and staff as principal of MLEC, never missing a day or an event. He made a name for himself in the … Continue reading Mr. Parker’s Final Goodbye