MLEC Celebrates UN Day

By Laura Romero

IMG_20151024_184319United Nations Day this year is on October 24th, but at MLEC  it was celebrated on  Friday, October 23rd. This day highlights, celebrates, and reflects on the work of the United Nations and its specialized agencies.

During lunch, students were able to embrace their culture by having the freedom to wear their nation’s  typical clothing, by sharing traditional foods, and by connecting with their peers who originate from all over the world.

“I felt proud representing my country, and bringing people from other cultures and countries to show them my country and its food. It was amazing,” said Erick Rivera, a senior in the Health Academy. “ Hearing others speak with pride about their nation and offer their goods really made a connection and unity between all different types of people.”

Filled with students, the courtyard  had tables with spices, drinks and treats from all over the world. There were sixteen tables handled by students who participated. Haiti, the most popular country among the students, had IMG_20151024_184312them in long lines, waiting to try a taste of the culture.

Colombia, also a popular country, had a  crowd of students eager to learn about the country’s traditions and customs.

“I feel great pride when it come to my roots. I come from two different cultures and  I feel like I have the best of all worlds. There’s nothing better than having to represent your country with honor and pride.” said Luisela Reina, a junior in the Communications Academy, who represented Colombia.

The event, organized by the class of 2016 Vice President Vivian
Bermudez, Linney Osias, and Ms. Evans, was a success among teachers as well.

English teacher Mrs. Mazawi – who represented her country by wearing Cuba’s colors – and Journalism Adviser, Mrs. Borges visited the courtyard and enjoyed a taste of griot, IMG_20151024_184307empanadas and other ethnic foods.

As students danced to salsa and the colors of different countries mixed together, unity captivated MLEC’s campus.

“Today was a complete and utter success for a first time UN Day at MLEC. I couldn’t  have done it without Linney and Mrs. Evans. I hope that the tradition continues and simply gets bigger and bigger,” said Vivian Bermudez, Vice President of Class of 2016. “It’s very important to celebrate the culture of where we come from especially in Miami where there are so many different cultures and traditions. Maybe one day we’ll have all 160 countries.”


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