American Football Comes to a Confused Beginning

By Christian Steiner 

America, legal trouble, and concussions–three things that should come to mind when the NFL returns for its 95th season.

America’s most brutal sport found its way back to living rooms and sport bars on September and the results were a mixed bag of surprise and correct premonition.

The game of the night was the New England Patriots, returning Super Bowl champions, versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team with the most Super Bowl wins. The outcome was a victory for the Patriots at 28-21.

The Patriots are predicted to take it all again this season, their biggest competition now being the Denver Broncos as the Ravens have lost many of their key players to age or the law.

Though the Dolphins did manage to win their first game of the season against the contentiously named Redskins. Miami is expected to do mediocre as always.

With cheating scandals, abusive players, and Aaron Hernandez being indicted for murder, the NFL has been surrounded by controversy. On top of that, recent studies have shown that football may have a negative effect on the mind.

The league may be forced to adapt with all this negative media to improve player safety–by its 100th season, players may be playing a different game altogether. But the season has just begun and no matter what happens, we’re in for an entertaining spectacle.

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