MLEC Hosts Annual Club Rush: Which did you join?

By Gabriella Indart

Members of American Sign Language Club greet students with a sweet “i love you.”

As lunch approaches from September 8th to September 10th, students at Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) won’t be worrying about how much their stomachs are growling, but instead which club is the right fit for them. Whether it’s MLEC’s Jagettes or American Sign Language Club, this week only students will be able to catch a glimpse into every club at MLEC’s Club Rush.

From students clamoring to sign-up for new clubs to officers of these clubs shouting over the crowds flowing through F-Cafeteria’s walkway, Club Rush is one of MLEC’s events that is a must for freshmen to experience. Although the event is catered mostly to freshmen looking for a new experience, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the chance to join clubs they couldn’t in years past for the chance to find their perfect organization.

“Club Rush was very organized and an exciting event to attend. I was interested in joining I.T. club because it deals with the strand I’ll be going into and it’ll help me in excelling in my academy so that I’ll be able to understand more about my future career in information and technology,” said Xavier Gonzalez, a freshman in the Information Technology (I.T.) Academy.

During Club Rush each individual club from Junior State of America (JSA) to Key Club is vying for students’ attention, hoping to achieve as many new members as possible. Not only is it a time to gain members, but clubs are able to gain popularity by explaining some of the services they provide such as community service or a chance to learn a new language.

Ana Cruz and Key Club officer Gabriella Indart stand proud of their board and explain to students what is it like to be a part of their service club.

“Club rush is a weeklong event that SGA holds to showcase the clubs that we have at our school. Freshmen especially benefit because this is the week where clubs get to show what they’re about. I love seeing how the clubs show their spirit. Clubs can get new members and members can experience something new so everyone benefits,” said Sharon Arana, Student Government Association (SGA) President.

As new members, students gain insight into MLEC’s diverse clubs and experience what it means to become part of an organization. Freshmen will be able to start developing their leadership skills and gaining community service while upperclassmen will be able to compete for officer positions within their clubs and beyond in their organizations

From the crowded walkway to the line of people anxious signing up for new clubs, Club Rush is one of MLEC’s best events to attend. If you’re looking for opportunities in leadership and community service, it is the best event to attend.

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