Recap: The First Week of School

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By Juanita Cardona

Out of the 39 dreadful weeks of school, the first week is a fresh slap to the face for many students. Even with new classes, administration, and fresh little babies are mixed into the melting pot of academies, the senior crowns managed to shine brighter than everyone’s dilemmas.

The excitement to put together the perfect outfit on the first day of school, being reunited with friends, finding out who has your class was something we all shared.

Summer will be missed, but it is a brand new year full of possibilities and new experiences. For the freshmen, the transition from middle school to high school might have been a tough one.

“It’s been very stressful and I almost had a breakdown but being a part of the Pink Room has truly helped me out,” said Elizabeth Gonzalez, a freshman in the Cambridge academy.

One tip that we can provide the freshman is that no matter how hard this first week seemed, you have to remember that you’ll adjust and make new friends as well as become part of the family your academy has formed.

Although this week was the beginning of a new chapter for many, i.e. the freshman class, it is also the beginning to an end. It is after all the seniors last year in our school and they have taken to embrace it.

The seniors followed MLEC’s yearly tradition as they showed their pride with wearing their crowns this week.

Many decorated in multiple shades of purple, to represent their class color and spirit, as well as demonstrating their unique style with the different embellishments that ornamented the crowns.

“ This week has been like no other year. It’s unique and I feel nostalgic at the same time, walking down the hallways and remembering the experiences and memories that will last a life time,” said Erick Rivera, a senior in the Health Academy.

To many, the first day of school was full of surprises as well; a lot of us thought we would never see Mr. Parker again, but there he was early in the morning, greeting all of MLEC’s new and old Jaguars and their parents.

Not only was our top Jaguar there on the first day of school but also all of MLEC’s best teachers were present for the new school year.

The first week of school is sadly behind us but there is more to come. The new students will begin writing their high school chapter, the sophomores and juniors continue their story, while the seniors will begin their conclusion.

The one goal we all have in common for this episode though is to make it a good one. To make this year as memorable as we can, and enjoy it as much as possible.

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