Intimate Ideas to Show Your Father Appreciation On His Day

By Nathalie Mairena

As Father’s Day rolls around the corner, the year of the dad has come to its peak as fathers around the country are celebrated by their families. Most people know what to give for holidays like Mother’s Day, where flowers and chocolate are the norm, but for Father’s Day, finding gifts other than expensive watches or a fancy tie can be a challenge.

Along with gift ideas, what to actually do on the day itself other than the usual restaurant run is another predicament that often befalls these types of holidays. Hopefully this list can offer some ideas for both dilemmas that both the family and dad will enjoy!

What to give:

Do it Yourself Mug

Everyone drinks coffee, probably no one more than parents. What better to give dad than a mug customized by yours truly? Buying a blank mug is cheap and they are available at craft stores in different shades. Just pull out the paint or markers and put your own personal message on it.  It can be the typical “Number 1 Dad” or a perhaps even an inside joke. The sky’s the limit!

Homemade Card

This might seem like a cheap cop out of a gift but a homemade card doesn’t have to be just a piece of construction paper folded in half. Get creative with the shape! There are plenty of sources online demonstrating how to fold a piece of paper in the shape of cars, planes, even a shirt and tie. Use different kinds of patterns for each piece of paper, along with different kinds of markers and pens. Use glitter if the moods hits you!

Though often seen as the base of a gift, if enough effort is put in, a homemade card can be the gift itself. Write something meaningful and if you want, put in a little money from what you saved on making the card. Or you can put some candy inside and make it a candy gram! Affordable and meaningful, a homemade card is one of the most customizable gifts you can give on Father’s Day.

Homemade Plaque

Somewhat of a spin on a homemade card, a plaque can be hung anywhere in the house. With a sturdy piece of wood or some nice fabric or leather, carve a message to dad that anyone can see. Write what makes him a good father, why you appreciate him, or maybe a list of things that he enjoys or rules he lives by. Maybe even make it an award and write why he deserves it.

Think of something meaningful that you would want everyone to know about your father and write it on. It’s a good way to show dad and anyone that stops by the house why you love him.

Homemade Meal

This can be either a standalone gift or something that can be combined with any other present you give dad. There’s a million recipes that can be tried here, so try and focus in on something your dad in particular enjoys and make it. To make it fancy, add candles and set up the table to look like a restaurant and act as his waiter, getting him anything he wants.

Making a homemade dinner is a simple way to end the day after showing him your appreciation and a simple to way to make him happy. It’s also a goof segue to give him any gifts you haven’t already, as you can present a card or any other gift at the end of the meal.

What to do:


People have a tendency to see mom as the only one who likes some TLC but dad will love it to. Pay for a massage and let him live in the lap of luxury. Or if that’s too expensive, treat him at home, getting him anything he needs and setting up a place for him to relax for the entire day. Maybe even set out a chair outside so he can enjoy the sun.

Bicycling and the Outdoors

Not everyone likes exercise, that’s for sure. But bicycling is a good hobby to get into, and a great way to explore the world. Choose a serene scenic route, like a park, and just cycle through together.

It might be tiring but it’s a good way to bond. You can also go out to walk, have a picnic, or just spend time together in an open space. Together with your dad, the outdoors can become a place of harmony and fun.

Movie Night

Everyone likes movies. Let dad pick (it’s his day after all), and sit together to watch it. Bring plenty of pop corn and snacks and just enjoy each other’s company. There’s no better way to end a Father’s Day then to end it together.

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