DECA Fashion Show: What to Expect

By Lessenitt Campos

During weeks of preparation, the models devote their attention and time to be a part of MLEC’s very own New York Fashion Week- the DECA Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show will be held on April 10th at 7:00 pm. This is where students go to pose on a catwalk, modeling gowns and tuxedos for their fellow friends and classmates to witness. Students will be exposed to what the popular trends are this season and a wide range of clothing options for all personalities.

“We hope to deliver a flashy show consisting of new trends, gorgeous clothing and entertainment,” said DECA member, and model, Julie Walsh.

This year’s festivities are unlike any other from previous years. When the DECA Fashion Show first started, the models used to bring in their own clothing to in order to include various styles in the fashion show. This year, DECA is doing things differently.

With an abundant amount of clothing, DECA is categorizing their outfits this year based on brands and their sponsors, no longer incorporating the models’ wardrobe.

“We would categorize each outfit based on dress code,” said Walsh.

Along with the help from club members and class sponsor, Mrs. Mixco, the models are in the spotlight, gaining confidence in themselves while modeling in David’s Bridal or Men’s Warehouse garments. The audience look up to find inspiration for Prom or an upcoming wedding.

A night to shine on stage and bring the school together, the DECA Fashion Show is a night for friends and family to bond, sit back, and relax while viewing these garments on stage.

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