Journalists Visit MLEC in Celebration of Woman’s History Month

By Juanita Cardona

Miami Lakes Educational Center had the great honor and privilege to welcome two successful women to come and speak to the journalism class to discuss their careers – the challenges they overcame, along with the highs and lows of their path that led them to their career choice, all in the celebration of Women’s History Month.

Mirta Ojito, a Cuban-born reporter since 1987, has worked for The Miami Herald, New York Times, El Nuevo Herald and is currently working for Telemundo as director and news standards; Irma Negroni, chief writer for Telemundo and graduate from both Yale University and Princeton University.

Women’s history month usually focuses on the past and the struggles women have had to overcome because of their gender. As two successful journalists both women have worked hard and continue to achieve what they set their mind to.

As someone who has worked for major newspapers, Mirta knows the struggles of being a journalist. Even though she had the support of her parents and friends, there were always people that questioned her choice of career.

A big misconception is that journalism is a dying field but for Mirta journalism is not dead and it is not dying what is changing is how we communicate the news.

“Being a journalist is someone who reads and writes and asks a lot of questions, that’s it, that’s who I am” said Mirta.

Mirta Ojito, came back to the newsroom after eight years of teaching at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. A journalist at heart who has the passion and drive to do the difficult task of not only reporting but also reporting the truth.

“I never felt that I was working, I was having fun and doing something I really enjoyed,” said Mirta while discussing her choice of profession.

Irma discussed the importance of having a voice and to make oneself be known. Not only is it important to have a voice in the profession and an opinion but also paying attention to the details is vital. When talking about intern possibilities she said that as an intern it is important to try to find where you are needed the most as well as paying attention to both details and your image.

Irma didn’t know she wanted to be a journalist from the beginning. After finishing Grad school with and English major she

“Become an expert and that’s how you distinguish yourself,” said Irma.

They both overcame boundaries and worked hard to be where they are today. They continue to strive in their profession.

“By doing, that’s how you become a journalist.”


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