2016 Junior Ring Ceremony

By Daniela Morales

That time of the year came again. Seniors have been dethroned as the upcoming class received their rings officiating them as upperclassmen and the head of the school. The juniors couldn’t be more thrilled to take over.

The night started off as parents piled into the school gym to watch their children cross this stepping-stone. Ticket by ticket, seat by seat, the bleachers were packed long before the ceremony started.

Three arches lined with purple and gold balloons decorated the main stage while a black carpet curled around it where the students would soon parade their stunning dresses and dashing suit and ties.

The night really started off when Mr. Williams – the class sponsor – introduced the 2016 graduating class and each student walked down the catwalk with pride, knowing they were soon to be at the top of the hierarchy.

Angie Suarez welcomed everyone by singing the Star Spangled Banner followed by class president, Elizabeth Martinez, who welcomed the class and introduced principal Mr. James Parker.

Karina Medina, Akyra Bodden, Amy Carbonell, and Ashlee Jones delivered the history of the ring, how to wear it, and the tradition of unity. Shortly after, Mr. Williams presented all the class officers with their rings and then the junior ring ceremony began.

One by one, students received their rings, walked through the giant ring prop and were presented with a flower and a box to put their new rings in. Some in couples, some in pairs; all the juniors in attendance got their spotlight.

Once seated all the juniors put their rings up and to the sound of Mr. Parker’s voice the class of 2016 put on their rings and became the new seniors.

Confetti and balloons came flying out of the ceiling as juniors cheered on the defining moment of their high school careers.

Parents and friends and siblings jumped from the bleachers down to congratulate the now seniors and turn their rings – a tradition done for years to bring good luck and success.

The new seniors ended the night admiring their new rings, showing it off on selfies and dreaming of what their last year of high school would be like.


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