The Six Appeal: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

By Kaitlyn Pujols

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has just been released. The newest smart phones from Samsung features an innovative curved glass display (gorilla glass 4 to be exact) and curved metal back plates, making this the most luxurious (but risky) release from Samsung yet.

The company suffered a dramatic drop in popularity. Typically, Samsung generated most of its revenue from China but the increase in Chinese domestic competitors—like Huwei and 1+— has left Samsung in the dust.

This American debut is sort of a last resort that just may have won over the hearts of Smartphone enthusiasts everywhere.

With it’s one of a kind display and joint Microsoft/Android app store, the new Samsung s6’s are different, completely customizable, and beautiful. Not to mention the 118gb standard memory that comes with each of these new phones, they have quickly become one of the most viciously competitive releases of 2015.

“Samsung Galaxy S6 is designed to woo consumers from Apple’s iPhone juggernaut, but the electronics giant also has a big pitch to businesses.” says Larry Dignan on between the lines for Znet.

But all of this greatness comes at a cost. The phone suffers from ‘bloatware,’ meaning the phone itself has so many programs and internal installations it eats up almost half of the given memory. This may only get worse with integration of Microsoft applications. And with a wider display the battery is bound to drain much faster.

“The curved display will lead to needless battery drain.” says Darren Orf, a personal tech columnist for Gizmodo.

Nonetheless the technology itself is a solid release on Samsung’s part. These are massive improvements from the Samsung galaxy S5 and may have a larger market due to the fact that they look like the Samsung/ Apple love child. Including a fingerprint scanner and a new 16 megapixel camera, the new phones will be released in gold black and white.

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