Senior Brunch

By  Juanita Cardona

For weeks this was the event most anticipated by the class of 2015. It was one of the most legendary senior brunch that MLEC has ever had, hosted for the most legendary class.

Balloons were strung up from every table with the yearly ongoing Hawaiian theme: palm trees, turtles, and hula-girls floated around the room. As the class stepped through the doorway, the music was already blaring, the food was ready to be served and the room was full of anticipation.

This year’s brunch was kicked off with a special speech from our principal, Mr. Parker and the most legendary sponsor, Ms. Castro. Being Mr. Parker’s final Senior Brunch, it was certainly one for the books.

The excitement could be felt all over the room as they announced who won this year’s Superlatives. From Million Dollar Smile, to Model Material each award was handed off before the real party began.

As the DJ started off the party, the students all rushed to the dancing floor ready to show off their moves and let loose before testing begins. The music ranged from bachata, salsa to party favorites such as The Cupid Shuffle and The Wobble Baby.

Once again the Class of 2015 lived up to its #Legendary status by creating more memories for this years graduating students and their sponsor.


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