Behind the Scenes on 15 Minutes Of Fame

This Friday, February 6 at 7:00 pm the stage is open to the talented and the floor to those with a good ear. Music Club is hosting one of its most exclusive shows of the year, “15 Minutes of Fame.” More than twenty acts each varying from duos, bands, to solo singers will light up the stage with their incredible talent.

Anyone with a different musical taste, whether it’s rock, latino, R&B or Rap, is sure to find a tune they identify themselves with. Drums, guitars, piano, and vocals of all types and tones will dominate the showcase as students from our very own high school demonstrate their musical expertise in front of their peers.

The performers — coming from either a musical background, bands, or simply doing what they enjoy — will sing and play their hearts out after hours and hours of rehearsal to hit precisely the right note.

“My dad plays guitar and sings and before him my grandfather used to play the cello in a Jazz band. It’s part of my history and I’ve always liked it because it calms me down” said Daniela Rodriguez, a performer at this year’s showcase.

For some it’ll be their first time in front of a live audience. Stage fright will spread like wind backstage and performers will begin to have second thoughts. Once on stage the world around them will disappear, and the moment will become personal; all that will remain is the connection between their instrument and themselves.

“There are a lot of hidden talents in the school that not everybody knows about so 15 Minutes of Fame is a good place for these people to showcase their talent and if they have any stage fright, overcome it.” said Pablo Conde who will be performing various genres with his band at this year’s event.

There will be those who will be waiting by the curtains for their turn, hands shaking in anticipation, and those who lean forward in their seats awaiting the next act, hungry for more. There will be murmurs of excitement and approval; friends will cheer for their own and wish them ‘good luck’, and applauses will reverberate throughout the auditorium.

Those artists that enjoy performing just for the experience will feel a sense of accomplishment, like that of Conde, who admits to feeling such success after being onstage. Putting music out there for the world to hear – especially your own original masterpiece – is a part of what makes performing such a unique experience.

“For me, it’s a personal thing. I put out music for myself because I get to speak my mind in my own way and hey, if you take the time to decode what my lyrics mean then thank you.” said Abraham Aburman, Music Club president and performer at “15 Minutes of Fame.”

For just $5 you can come spend a pleasant evening with friends while enjoying some of the best music this school has to offer. Come out Friday night and prepare to be blown away by the eccentrics.


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