Blank Space Review and Taylor Swift’s Empire

by Julissa Higgins

Though personally acting a little too creepy for my taste in her new music video “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift successfully portrays the stereotype of the crazy-girlfriend, poking fun at how the media portrays her and so many other women who “obsess over the guys they’re dating.”

In an interview with Yahoo music she said, “You’ll have people who completely get the joke and they’re saying, “Oh, look, she’s completely taken back the narrative, and she’s singing from the perspective of the person the media paints her to be.” And then other people will be listening to it on the radio thinking, “I knew it! I knew she was crazy.”

And to be completely honest, I was part of the latter group the first time I watched the video. I mean so much for all the clothes burning and picture stabbing, no one in their right mind is going to club a sports car.

The music video opens with her love interest (Sean O’pry) pulling up the driveway to their mansion in an amazingly nice car and continues to show their life together, complete with dinners and picnics, but later goes on to show the uglier side of the relationship once Taylor finds him texting another girl.

What I probably admire most about Taylor is her commitment to carrying out the image she wants to portray. She’s not afraid to act like the crazy girlfriend and she doesn’t care too much about what anyone says about her. And because she’s already on top, she has a clear enough image about herself.

She is never shy about poking fun at herself.She is never shy to show us that she still has a million ways in which to surprise us, that she still has a few tricks up her sleeve. And I think that element of surprise is one that has gotten her to the top of the charts. It’s part of that reminder that she’s aware of what is being said about her, and she doesn’t care. She’s not going to let it deter her from reaching the top. In fact, she’s going to “shake it off.”

In such a way that she is, ultimately, the one with the last laugh. She has created an empire and she will surely continue to do so. From country to pop, T-Swift can rock it all.

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