DIY Christmas Gifts

By Kaitlyn Pujols

So you forgot to pick up a present for that special someone during Black Friday, or maybe you’re just strapped for cash. Have no fear; here are three different do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts that are easy, cheap, and guaranteed to save your holidays.

First up is a DIY Olaf pillow! That lovable snowman from Frozen has captured the hearts of thousands, so a cuddle-worthy version is sure to be a great gift. All you need is white fabric, orange fabric, scissors, stuffing, two black buttons, and fabric glue.

First, you take the white fabric and fold it in half. Trace a snowman shape onto one half so that when you cut the pattern, you end up with two identical pieces of fabric.

Glue on two button eyes, and then cut out a triangle shape from the orange fabric for the nose and glue that as well. Also cut out the arm shapes and set them aside for later.

Put Olaf facing down on the other identical piece of fabric and glue the edges down, leaving about two inches of unglued space (this is where you’ll be putting in the stuffing). When the glue has dried, invert the pillowcase that you’ve created, and stuff through the two inches of space you have previously left unglued.

When Olaf is as fluffy and soft as you want him, be sure to glue down the leftover open space, and then glue on his arms to wherever you’d like.

And there you have your Olaf! You can cuddle with him, lay him on your bed for decoration, or watch Frozen again with him by your side. The possibilities are endless!

Next is a DIY sweater! Now, during the wintertime, you can get a basic one-color sweater fairly cheap, and it’s really fun to personalize for a friend or for yourself.

Find a plain sweater and print out whatever pattern or words you want on it in a mirrored fashion on some transfer paper. When you iron your pattern or logo onto the sweater, it will read correctly.

So just iron on after printing it, and you’re done! This is a great, easy way to customize a simple sweater for that special friend out there and keep cozy at the same time.

Last up is a framed collage! Whether it’ll be of you and your friends, of you and your “bae”, or of whomever else you have this in mind for, this is a great gift.

Visit your preferred photo editing website, whether it be Pic-stitch, Photoshop, etc. Compile a bunch of pictures of you and the person receiving the gift. Be creative! You could arrange the photos in a heart shape or filter everything so that it looks all the more dramatic. Print it out at CVS for 11 cents and frame that work of art!


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