Teen Pregnancy: Prevention and Solutions

By Nicole Perez

Teenager pregnancy has become an issue throughout the world but even more so in the United States.

The Children’s Aid society is a program that helps teens walk through the right path when getting pregnant. This program also prevents teens from dropping out, getting an abortion and, in some occasions, committing suicide.

Statistics have found that when teenagers get pregnant there is a bigger chance of dropping out of school. Amanda Cisneros a 17 year old teen mom tells a little bit about her story, “Being a teenage mom is not easy and it becomes even harder with time.”

She explains that her parents didn’t accept her decision of keeping the baby however, as time passed, they decided not to argue anymore and to allow her keep the child.

While some parents can be very accepting and supportive when it comes down to teen pregnancy, others aren’t that way.

Christian parents tend to take this business very seriously. To them a man and a woman should be intimate only after getting married. Statistics have shown that many Christians don’t get pregnant but half of the ones that do either kill themselves,  give the baby up for adoption and, in minor cases, abort.

Suicide is a serious business that not only teens but the entire world is discussing. Many people decide to kill themselves because they feel that their lives are horrible and they can’t fix it.

“Well, when it comes down to pregnant teens, it’s a little bit different. They tend to kill themselves because of their parents,” said Alina Gonzalez a medical assistant at South Miami Hospital.

Many programs such as Stayteen.org or ABCFAmily.com, are very helpful for someone that is pregnant. Teen pregnancy it is preventable and if you are a teen mom these websites can help you figure out the right path for you and your baby.


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