Hallway Competition- 2014

By Kaitlyn Pujols

The clash of the classes ensued today and the spirit radiated through the halls as everyone sought to win the title of best and most spirited class.

The freshmen entered the day as the bubbliest and happiest of all, turning the pink hall into a candy wonderland with gumdrops and rainbows! Although taking in the sight of the vivid pink hallway requires a certain sweet-tooth, the freshmen proved to be the most cutesy, with Teddy bears and toddlers galore, despite little guidance — lacking a sponsor — and knowing little of the long-standing tradition.

The sophomores retaliated with a bang and the Under the Sea themed hallway shimmered and sparkled with enthusiasm, complete with hanging jellyfish and a huge clam displaying a had-made a pearl in the center to top off an otherwise wave of class excitement.

“I had worked all day on the jelly fished hanging from the ceiling I even took some to cut in class,” said Edysmar Diaz Cruz, volunteer for the sophomore class hallway.

The party doesn’t stop there. The juniors’ Mardi-Gras themed hallway featured beads, feathers and masquerades, proving that you can’t stop the festivities. Walking through the hallway transports you into New Orleans Mardi-Gras. The juniors wanted to show that life is a never ending party.

”There was a lot of miscommunication lack of supplies and that really set us back but after hours of work we managed to pull it together,” said Lessenitt Campos volunteer for the junior class hallway.

The senior class hallway proved itself to be the most intricate of the four, with a working drawbridge and dragons and knights and castle-like bricks covering the walls. But even they didn’t expect their success would be this impressive.

“We pulled together in the end after having only ten volunteers,” said Sana Chaudhry, Senior Class President. The hallway was medieval themed, since they’ve always defined themselves as royal and legendary. It was the most immersive, transporting students, teachers and faculty to a storybook Camelot, with a wall of scrolls displaying all the seniors’ names printed in calligraphy.

“It kind of just clicked because Mrs. Castro always calls us legendary so legendary, legends, royalty,” said Sana Chaudry.

The spirit is everywhere, despite the bad weather, and everyone was competitive and eager to hear if their hard work had paid off but in the end the winners were,the seniors!

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