Senior Social Lives Up To #Legendary Status by Ruth Reyes

The balloons at senior social shined almost as brightly as Class of 2015 did. Taken by Stephanie Brito.
The balloons at senior social shined almost as brightly as Class of 2015 did. Taken by Stephanie Brito.

“Teachers, at this time, please release seniors to the cafeteria.”

The morning of Senior Social, that was the announcement everyone was waiting for.

The upperclassmen shuffled into the cafeteria – awash with red and black – as excited murmurs, flashing cameras, and pulsing music overtook the senses. Seniors headed immediately for the vibrant balloon arch to snap pictures at the center of the party, where gleaming silver numbers asserted the year of their graduation: 2015.

The social began with an enthusiastic pep-talk about the upcoming year. The senior class sponsor, Mrs. Castro, informed the soon-to-be graduates about their future events, what was expected of them, and what a privilege it is to be part of the class. She talked about what could go wrong and right, what would be good and bad. Mrs. Castro ended the speech with a reminder of the senior class motto:

“Our class is legendary,” she said. “Let the title live on.”

Afterwards, once a wholesome – and “surprisingly good” – breakfast was served, the students filled out their senior profiles for the yearbook and chose their class song – “Forever Young” by Jay Z.

The idea of immortality imminently caused seniors to scrunch up their faces at a particular senior profile question: “A moment you felt limitless.” It turns out that instead of worrying about what senior social signified – being one step closer to graduation – most seniors were simply eating breakfast and enjoying their time together.

“I feel like I can finally relax,” said Alan Traviezo as he ate breakfast with his friends, referring to the social.

Nonetheless, others were reminded of the future.

“It’s all a smooth ride from here,” said Michelle Moreno and Tristan Martin, referring to their senior year. “This is the year of memories.”

It’s typical for Senior Social to be a boring get together. Nothing too exciting happens, other than a couple of announcements, a boring breakfast, and the advantage of skipping class and dressing nice.

But this year, the Class of 2015 lived up to its #Legendary status by creating something that wasn’t only as enjoyable as it was beautiful, but also a memory to stay with seniors past their graduation day.

“I don’t know to describe it, this feeling of satisfaction is amazing,” said Sana Chaudhry, Senior Class President, when asked about the event and its outcome. “It makes being a class officer worth every moment, and I’ll remember that forever.”


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